AviNation was a social airport management simulator for Facebook developed with Unity3d. I designed the games systems based on the overal vision of the CEO. I designed the quest system, and wrote the story, as well as implemented gameplay mechanics using C#. I also served as the QA Manager coordinating the status of the project to heads of all departments throughout development and launch of the game.

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Red Dead Redemption

Read Dead Redemption

As an ambient designer I helped plan and create the open world in this award winning and best selling console game. I was the go-to guy for implementing custom animations including the NPCs going about their lives that made the world feel so real, the minigames, and the unique story sequences in missions. I partnered with the programmers and animators to design, make, and implement all the custom animations in the game.

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Café World

As a Quality Assurance Engineer at Zynga I was the main point of contact between the internationalization team and the QA department.

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Rockstar Presents Table Tennis

I was Lead Tester on Rockstar Games first Xbox 360 game. I lead the internal test team, ran focus tests to help balance the game, and ensured compliance with Microsoft's Technical Certification Requirements.

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